Green Shoots day nursery

Our fees

We are open for forty eight weeks of the year, but we can provide care for the school term times only, or during school holidays only. We can provide emergency care if your minder or nanny is off for any reason. At the moment, our emergency care rate is the same as our standard rate.

Our daily full time childcare
8am to 6pm

Our Fees (Full time)

Under 2sOver 2s
Daily rate£57.00£56.00
Weekly rate£285.00£280.00
Monthly rate£1235.00£1213.00

Note: There is a discount for two children from the same family of £5 each a day. The part time rate is already very competitive, so we are unable to offer discounts on that at present.

Under 2sOver 2s
Daily rate£104.00 (For two children)£102.00 (For two children)
Weekly rate£520.00 (For two children)£510.00 (For two children)
Monthly rate£2253.00 (For two children)£2210.00 (For two children)

Our part time childcare
8am to 12am or 1pm to 5pm

The part time rate for under 2s:
£31 including lunch
£26 if your child doesn’t have lunch

The part time rate for over 2s:
£31 including lunch
£25 if your child doesn’t have lunch

We provide fifteen hours of free provision for three year olds from the term after their third birthday during school term time. Your child can come full time or part time, but the first fifteen hours are free. Please note that this entitlement can only be used once, it cannot be used for two part time places in two different settings. There is no free entitlement during school holiday times.


We don’t yet have a registration charge or ask for a deposit, as we still have plenty of places. As the nursery fills up, we may have to introduce these. For now, we can be flexible about part time places. Payment must be made weekly or monthly in advance. Fees are payable for holiday periods (unless you have a term time only place) and if your child is sick.

We don’t encourage children to come for shorter periods as they find it rather confusing and the other children who stay for longer can become unsettled if they see other mummies and daddies coming to collect children: they wonder why their own ones haven’t come for them!